About us

Claude and Alexandre
Claude and Alexandre

Valerie, Claude and Alexandre: your hosts.

Country of Origin: France
In between: 16 years in Canada


About Claude:

He is very quiet and relaxed most of the time. He is a perfectionist and meticulous woodcrafter. He has build our house in 4 months, working non-stop from june to september 2009 until the top was finished meanly all by himself. He started to build the restaurant part in mid-may 2010 and it was finished in september 2010, this includes the cabana and the bathroom attached to it! Claude is a genius and nothing resist him, he will always find a solution for everything.



About Alexandre:

Alexandre or "Didi". Now you get where the name of our business comes from.

Alexandre is our little boy. Well now not as little as he used to be when we first came here. The good tropical breeze has a good effect on him. He is a very smart and happy child. Likes to talk... about everything. Very social and kind with everyone. Loves water and will spend its entire time in the water if he could. Loves to read books and watches DVD.


About Valerie:

She is passionate and take very seriously everything that she is doing. Sometimes it can be too much.... relax Val, relax.. She loves people and likes to take good care of them. During her journey she has been trained in Canada to help people in stress, in pain, or at the end of their life by doing hands on healing more specifically USUI REIKI and became a passionate practitioner and teacher of this wonderful natural and ancient way of healing herself, her family and others. Healing sessions are available here as well. She is also a great cook! Just ask her what you would like to eat and she will cook it for you! 


About our pets:

We have 2 dogs: Mirka (female 1 year old); Husky (male 2 years old); 8 cats (5 females and 3 males). They are all very friendly and are not permitted in the cabanas and the restaurant. Mirka and Husky love to go to the sea and to swim there for hours. 


Valerie and Mirka
Valerie and Mirka